Friday, May 05, 2006

Daily news

The play
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Last night was the Easter program at the orphanage. We had a great time visiting with the children! Ira, Yulia and Will put on a short play. Somehow Jaan found his way into every scene.

Tooth update: Raia's fourth tooth on the top came through yesterday. The middle ones are still barely visible, so she continues to smile her funny smile.

Garden news: We have flowers! The first of the early spring perennials are starting in our flower bed outside. I don't know what they're called. Maybe if I post photos, someone will be able to tell me?


BabaJulie said...

Hi! See! I told you that Jaan is artistically gifted!! He may be in drama!! (These are the early signs!)

I'm excited to hear about your flowers! Yes! Post pictures.

By the way, I contacted the Nikki Hunsucker who appeared on your blog comment site. I gave her all the info I had on NC Hunsuckers. Interesting, huh? Love Y'all!

Anna said...

Hey! I'm so enjoying all of these updates and pictures! Please tell Yulya that I'll write her in the next couple of weeks and send it to you. My schedule's really crazy right now- end of school, end of school concert, opera(Madame Butterfly) =-),and all of the other daily details. BUT, I really want to write her back, so I'll make time! oh, and yay- I got my invitation!

Shannon said...

Thought you may want to know...Kristin is graduating from college today and Tim is graduating from High School on the 20th. Can you believe it? Kate's entering high school next year (still homeschooled along with the rest, of course) Allie will enter 7th and Bekah will be in 5th grade. Only three kids left to go until the Walter Dynasty has ended at CCS!!! =)