Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cow? Horse?

Cow? Horse?
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For a while I could not figure out why Jaan always talked about cows and horses every time we passed a certain place in our walks. He finally explained. This old smashed sign (or whatever it is?) looks like a cow or a horse to him. See it? Four legs and a head. . . . (His hands are on the head in the picture.) We did not pose him; he just instinctively knew how an old farmer should stand for a portrait with his livestock.


BabaJulie said...

Ha! He looks like an old Russian farmer in this black and white picture! Isn't it funny what they can see that we don't? That's the artistic vision coming out and he gets that from both of you! Love You!

Mom said...

Oh Honey....The photographic artistry you display in composition of the picture, camera angle, and use of sepia tone is stunning. How I wish his Great-Great-Grandpa Page could see that photo! He oversaw the dairy at Cal Poly for many years and was devoted to the livestock.

We love each of you.