Friday, March 03, 2006


Friday was our last day of vacation. We had a fun and busy morning with the Beairds.

Playing outside
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Dressing up
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Fixing trucks
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Note that hammer in action. Caleb is studying to be a Russian mechanic.

Making muffins
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Then we had to leave for Moscow. We took the commuter train, then two more trains to get home. It sure was a wonderful week! And like I said before, it is so nice to be home.


Mom said...

How the photos remind me of times with the Langers when you girls were little!

Much love....

BabaJulie said...

Hi! I love all the pictures and the update on the Riga trip! How terrible that Mi-ka was almost lost! I can relate! Even now (and Abby is 16, mind you), I think if Fuzzy got lost, it would be a tragedy!! (Fuzzy is also a world traveling bear!)

We had a wonderful time at the GES conference and are glad to be home!! Lots of love!