Friday, March 24, 2006

Sweet baby!

The nameless baby
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Last night we took a meal over to Pavel and Ulyana, and visited with them, Mark, and their new baby.

Taking care of the baby
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Jaan was so sweet with the baby! Baby was lying in his crib, fussing a little. Jaan said, "Baby's crying" and went over to very gently pat him. The baby was quiet as long as Jaan was there, so Jaan stood with his hand on the baby and played with Mark.

I almost forgot to say that we have another busy weekend ahead of us. We're leaving late tonight for a Motherwise/Fatherwise seminar in Moscow. Please pray for us to have a good trip and for Jaan to have a good day with the Sullivans. We should be back late Sunday night. (But don't expect me to write then! )


Mom said...

Oh, happy day! We are very pleased to know that you have this opportunity for focus and refreshment. Our love, prayers and thoughts go with you.

BabaJulie said...

What a beautiful baby! And, how sweet of Jaan to be so concerned! We're glad you all are able to get to the conferences, too. Have a wonderful time!! Praying for you!! Lots of love!

Anna said...

I didn't know they were expecting! Please pass on my congratulations- Anna