Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring is in the air!

Well, not really, but we're starting to think about it. Jaan and I have been starting seeds. Over the past few days we've planted petunias and some other flowers, cauliflower and tomatoes. We just do a little bit each day. His pumpkin plants are getting nice and big. A few days ago he dropped one. We prayed over it and taped it up with a Veggie Tales bandaid. (I thought that was appropriate.) It seems to be growing back together!

The snow is still deeper than I remember from previous winters, and the weather is cold, so spring still won't be here for a while, though.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. We spent the morning being lazy. . . and washing dishes. After Sundays when everyone comes over, we always have a huge pile of dishes. It especially takes a while to get through them when the hot water is off and we have to heat our wash water. Jaan helped me, though.

Washing dishes
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After nap time, we went for a walk in the woods. The weather was perfect! The highlight of our walk was that we found tracks where a rabbit had crossed the road. Animals are rare here in central Russia, so that was almost as exciting as seeing the rabbit itself. I've only actually seen wild rabbits here two or three times. They're massive!

Walk in the woods
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We came back and made our Monday night pizza, which is fast becoming a tradition. Then, after supper, I lit candles, melted chocolate chips on some little cookies, and put out mini marshmallows to make indoor s'mores. They don't usually sell marshmallows here, but Will got some yesterday, and that gave me the idea. (I've heard that according to David Beaird's geography, America is "the country that has marshmallows.")

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Raia's Tooth #3 and Tooth #4 seem to be holding off a little. She's an amazing baby. Even with all this, she's sleeping just fine. It seems like she's a little clingier and fussier than usual, but that's all.

The main excitement today has been that we watched and identified a new kind of bird: Long-Tailed Tits.


BabaJulie said...

Hi! We thought Spring might be around the corner for you all! It is 32 in Moscow today! That's a heat wave! And, we have Daffodils blooming all around us and Hyacynths trying to pop out. It's still cool here at night, too. But, the flowering pear trees are busy and other things are just bursting into bloom! Spring is fun!! Much Love!

Mom said...


Because I did not see your posting until after I had begun teaching, I was not able to respond earlier. How I have enjoyed the stories: Veggie Tales bandaid, rabbit tracks, long-tailed tit, land of marshmallows! Thank you so much for adding sparkle to my day with your descriptions.

BTW: The yellow breasted birds we watched at Christmas time--do they have a name in English? Are they still around, or have they flown elsewhere?

Much love to each one....

A day in the life... said...

That's the final straw!!!! If Kovrov sells marshmellows we are moving there!!! love the pics.. oh and congratulation Raia, so glad your chompers caught up with your appetite!

BabaJulie said...

Hi, Again! I meant to say that I wish I was there to do those dishes!! You know that's my specialty! I could really be of help! Do you have a "Grandmother's room" in your apt?? (: Lots of Love!!