Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gardening photos

Watering his pumpkins
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Planting more seeds
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I should have gotten a photo when Raia tried to help us by eating our dirt, but I didn't. Here she is enjoying some of the blini (crepes) that our neighbors brought us for Maslenitsa.

Eating blini
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BabaJulie said...

Hi! What fun! You all are starting your planting earlier than we are and it will be 70 today!! (Bernie has hand turned some of the soil, but that's it!) And, Raia and the blinis! How cute! She's really enjoying this eating thing, isn't she? Am I dreaming or is she looking more like Jaan? Hugs and Kisses!

mom said...

That first photo of Jaan looks so much like you, Phyllis, at about the same age that it is actually startling. I agree Raia's look is changing, but I don't know that she is favoring Jaan more.

Much love....