Monday, March 27, 2006

Our weekend

Some people have to spend lots money for adventure travel. All we have to do is take a regular trip with our two little ones, and we have just as much fun and end up just as tired and happy. Leaving on a train at 1:00 wasn't easy, but the rest of the trip went well. We arrived in Moscow with very little sleep, but Jaan was able to be obedient and have a wonderful day with the Sullivans, while we enjoyed the seminar.

With Denise Glenn
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At lunch, I went up to Denise and told her the story of our Motherwise group and Lena's salvation. She said, "Praise the Lord! Why don't you share that with the whole group?" So, after lunch, that's exactly what she had me do.

When the day was over, we took our very tired selves back up to the Sullivans. Jaan was just going to bed, and was very glad to see us. The Sullivans spoiled us completely with a nice dinner, fellowship, and then a big quiet room to sleep in. Sunday morning we got to go to our old church. It was wonderful to be there again. Will has been back and forth a lot, but I hadn't been there since Jaan was just barely a year old. Everyone was thrilled to meet Raia and see the rest of us. Then we stayed at church and visited with Tima and various other people until it was time for us to go to the train station. Tima helped us get there and saw us off:

Jaan and Uncle Tima
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Now we're back home and very glad to be here.


Mom said...

I would have loved to have heard you speak! Certainly the ladies there were blessed by your story. We are very thankful you had time with the Sullivans and friends from church.

Much love to each of you....

BabaJulie said...

Hi! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! How nice that you were able to share with the ladies and also that you got to visit your old church. I know that was special. I know that Tima was glad to see you all again, too. So glad the Sullivans were able to keep Jaan and give you all a nice place to stay!! Love to All!