Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pulling up

Yesterday Raia started pulling herself up to a standing position. I tried to get a photo then, because it was so cute. Jaan was sitting on the couch, and she pulled up on his legs. She fell over and hit her head before I could get the picture, though. The poor baby had a lot of falls yesterday. She even gave herself her first bloody nose. Anyway, here she is standing in the crib today:

"Look at me!"
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We didn't end up with many photos from the weekend, but here's Jaan with one of the missionary kids from Kokhma:

Jaan at the youth festival
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Will's in Moscow until tomorrow, so please pray for him and us.


BabaJulie said...

Hi! She is just precious! Wish we could see her in person! Does your mother think she looks just like Leetra? I don't think she looks like Jaan... Maybe she just looks like Raia!! (: Glad you all had a good time in Ivanovo and we will be praying for Will and you all as he is in Moscow. What is he doing there? Love to All!!

Lindy said...

Look out for an escape artist. When I was about her age Bama and Po had to build a top (out of chicken wire!) to my crib to keep me in! She's adorable and the picture at the piano is wonderful.

Lisa (agape) said...

Cute little Raia! She sounds daring. I recently posted new pics on my blog if you would like to see how Maria~Angelica is growing.

Praying for Will and your whole family.