Thursday, January 29, 2004

Winter camp, Motherwise retreat, etc

(I moved this over from our site. Our blog actually started in June 2005.)

We spent New Years at a winter youth camp. Also, Jaan and I attended a retreat for English-speaking mothers. Here are a few photos from those events.

On the train out to camp with Tanya and Tanya.

Going for a walk at camp.

Jaan has finally discovered toys, and his favorite toy these days is a piece of Christmas cellophane.

At the retreat with Gabriella (the daughter of our hostess), Caleb Beaird, and a kitten.

The "baby prayer group" at the retreat: Susan with Caleb, Micah with Ethan, Becky with ?, Viola (Jaan's new friend from Zimbabwe) with Jaan, and Ira with Sean.

The boys at the Motherwise retreat. Their birthdays are September 19, August 11 (Caleb Beaird), September 10 (that's Jaan, of course), and August 16. So close in age!

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Some holiday pictures

(I moved this over from our site. Our blog actually started in June 2005.)

These are a few of the pictures from our holiday season.

Jaan's first "Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus" cake. (No, Jaan didn't get to eat it.)

Trying out his new stroller.

At the Christmas program, with Katya, a little girl who has recently started coming to church. Pray for her; she has a very hard family situation.

Jaan has discovered his fingers and started sucking on them like this. The only problem is that he pushes them in too far and gags himself. Oh, well! I'm sure he'll figure it out soon. =)