Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Art pictures

It's really nice that the art school sends out so many photos now! Here are a few that I have saved recently, plus Raia's portrait of me, done in the style of Gustav Klimt. (Remember, I said that they made pictures of me for March 8?) Bogdan's of me is the last photo here, but it was still in process when they took that photo.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Asya's arm and more

Sunday evening Asya was rollerblading and fell. Her arm hurt, but she wasn't in agony, so we did ice and ibuprofen and bed time. The next morning she did all her school work and went to help at physical therapy with me. 

Physical therapy was a bit harder this time. K was sick, so he couldn't come. O came for a first time and cried loudly a whole lot, mostly just because she was afraid, but also because some of the stretches and movements hurt. Little G had a fit when it was time to go and cussed out the orphanage nurse. Big G did wonderfully (of course). I felt like I was going to go crazy from all the noise (there were other kids crying, too) and trying to figure out braces and shoes that we want to order; my friend the physical therapist expects me to know and understand all the equipment, plus keep track of everyone's sizes and measurements, while making phone calls from several phones in two languages at once. It wasn't fun and games, like last time, but overall it was fine, and I'm thrilled to see the kids getting this chance. Transportation did go smoothly and funds have come in to pay for it, which are answers to prayer. Please keep praying!

Then Asya and I went straight on to the nearby children's hospital to get her hand x-rayed. I was dreading it and thinking that it was quite likely that we wouldn't get in that day. (When Bogdan hurt his hand, we tried to go through a private doctor, and ended up waiting in a pay part of that same hospital for 6 hours just to get an x-ray!) I was very pleasantly surprised. No lines, no waiting, everything clean and nice.... In and out in about an hour, with a cast on her broken wrist. It's a simple little fracture that should heal soon. I did go out to buy the cast materials ($1!), but the pharmacy was just across the hall, so I hardly even had to leave her for a minute. The nurse was horrified that I didn't tell her beforehand that we have lots of children; she would have given us the supplies, if she had known. Everyone was so nice. Almost as soon as we got home, someone from church showed up to bring us a sling that her son had just finished using, too.

Then, since we were there, we went up to visit Nastia, Asya's friend from the orphanage, who is really sick. They thoroughly enjoyed some time together, even though one is very weak, and the other had a fresh cast on her arm. Please pray for Nastia.

When we finally got home, I felt like I wanted to hibernate for a few months at least. Today is better already, though.

We have a lot going on, and a lot coming up soon, so we could really use some extra prayers! Thank you.

Oh, also, our neighbour baby had been in the hospital for a week, and she came home yesterday. We're all so glad to have her back! They were just telling me that one of her medicine bottles had a picture of a little girl on it. She kept pointing at it and saying, "Asya?" Then sadly shaking her head and saying, "Asya is at home."

Monday, March 18, 2019

Physical therapy

Asya and I had such a good day today! I have been working to get some of the kids from the orphanage into physical therapy, and it's been a long, drawn-out process. Today we did it. The first three kids got their first sessions in a great center in Kherson. Asya went along to observe and help, and she did a wonderful job.

We can really use a lot of prayer that we would be able to get this going as a regular event. We already have an appointment next week for these same three kids, plus one more. And we have one lovely family wanting to help sponsor the costs. The main thing I still need to get set up is a good, steady way to transport the kids back and forth. (Today I had two options set up, and neither worked out, but God sent a third.) Also pray for us to keep figuring out the financial side of it.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Bogdan's 8th birthday

On March 12 Bogdan turned eight. We all took the day off from school. In the morning he opened presents that had just arrived in a Meest box the night before. Everything was exactly what he wanted, and he was so excited!

Toothless/Toothy dragon and Mr. Snaggletooth
For special food he wanted shashlik, and Will prepared that for lunch. The weather wasn't great, so we ate inside, but it all tasted wonderful anyway. Then Bogdan and I went to his regular art classes. I read in the corridor while he worked. Then during the tea break I served the cupcakes that we had prepared. His teachers and classmates congratulated him and sang happy birthday.

After art school we came home and had dinner and more cake...

...and then more playtime with his new toys.

The sunset was especially beautiful. When we ran out to look at it, I told Bogdan that it was his birthday present from God. I loved how he looked up and said "spasibo" before he ran back to his play.

Monday, March 11, 2019


I love this painting that Raia just finished.

Soon I also want to show you the portraits of me that she and Bogdan did for Women's Day.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019


Beautiful morning nature walk.

Then school. (No photos of that.) Then Agape Photo project.

Monday, March 04, 2019


Every other year Alys does holiday banquets for the orphanage workers. She used to do all the cooking and everything, but then last time we switched to a fancy restaurant. This time was at the restaurant again. Alys was away for the whole holiday season, but before she left she reserved the evenings. Then we hosted them without her.

They were amazing! The nannies really love the fancy atmosphere and a night off just to have fun together. We ate, sang, told about the meaning of Christmas, and on one of the two nights even had amazing professional carollers sing for us.

It's always our hope and prayer that when we can pour out love onto these women and help them to feel special, they'll pass that on to the children they care for.