Thursday, October 21, 2021

Unexpected fall holidays

Our fall break from school was supposed to be later, and Will's parents were supposed to be here for it. Kherson turned into a "red zone," though, and everything changed. Art and music school closed (and other schools, but that doesn't affect our family so much), and Will's parents are headed home after their European cruise, instead of coming here.

We're still having a good break, though. The weather is beautiful. Even though all stores and restaurants are closed or limited and so many people are sick, we're enjoying the great outdoors and friends and rest and staying healthy.

I wrote up a schedule for the week on our white board. It says: 
Monday--just rest, i.e. teens sleep and little people play outside together
Tuesday--Hannah (a mother here to adopt)
Wednesday--Botanical garden
Thursday--more rest (and medical stuff for Will)
Saturday--work day at church

So far, I mostly have tons of photos from Wednesday. But first, Tuesday... We had planned to go for a walk with Hannah, her new son who we knew as Sasha, and the friend who is travelling with them. Sasha decided that he didn't want to walk, though, so we sat in their apartment and ordered a delicious dinner. It was so good to spend some time with them before they leave to finish the adoption process and start Sasha's new life in a FAMILY. Sasha is actually a little older than Bogdan; the two of them really seemed to enjoy each other:

We didn't take many photos on Tuesday, but on Wednesday we certainly did. The botanical garden here usually has lots of chrysanthemums. There are less this year, but what is there is beautiful, and I think the fall colours might be more than usual, too.

Of course, Asya and Bogdan touched a cactus;
of course, Jaan had tweezers in his pocket.

Coffee afterwards

Thursday--today--we're resting. Kids are spending time with friends. Will had blood drawn and set up his next doctor appointment.

Tomorrow: this is the really fun part! We are in the process of buying a dacha! If you search back through our archives here, you'll find lots about dacha life, but it's all from a long time ago. When we lived in apartments and had little kids, having a dacha was almost a survival requirement. (Not quite, but almost.) Then we moved here, where we live in a house. Plus, most of the dachas here are farther away and more expensive than what we had seen before. But then, after eight years here, we unexpectedly have a chance to buy a dacha across the river from a family at our church. Will and I went out to see it and decide on Saturday, and tomorrow we're going out as a family. 

The dock near the dacha

It is in a dacha community that is accessible only by boats like these (old news article, but I don't have any photos of my own). At this time of year most days the boat only goes morning and late afternoon, so tomorrow we'll go down to the river at 9:00, cross over and spend the day there.

Then on Saturday we'll go to what will probably be one last work day before the church can start using the main sanctuary again. The floor needs to be washed before the final layer goes down. It's been a long process of recovery since the fire, but it's almost over now. The church needs prayer now more than ever, though, because of other problems. Thank you for praying, and please keep praying.

And a duck photo to finish up here, since she's grown and changed so much:

She's a very good pet, and her shiny green-black feathers are turning out to be very pretty.