Sunday, September 12, 2021

End of summer, beginning of autumn

(First of all, Jaan has his posvidka! He got it the day before his 18th birthday. Thank you for praying! All we have left now is registering him.)

The seasons change and school starts on the 1st of September here. Just before the end of summer we got a duck! Our beloved Shokoladka died in mid-August, and the kids begged for another good duck. It's not the right season for ducklings, but we found someone online who was selling a month-old flock, and we talked him in to letting us take just one. Of course, she thinks we're her flock now, but she's growing very fast and already getting a little less panicky when there's not a human in sight. Hopefully Bella/Lapochka will settle in to being a great little pet, just like Shokoladka was (and hopefully she really is a girl!).

So far, she's gone to the library with Bogdan and swimming with all of us. The last thing Bogdan wanted to do before school started was another trip to the river to swim, so we did that right at the end of summer and took the little duck with us.

(If I can get it off Will's phone, we have one like this
with me, too. Come back later to see it....)

And then school! This year we have...

Bogdan in 4th grade

Asya in 8th grade

Raia in 10/11th grade

Jaan in 12th!

Homeschooling is going beautifully so far. Art school is in full swing, and Raia is working there as well as studying. Individual lessons at music school started right away, and group lessons pick up in the week ahead of us now. Please pray for us as you think of us. School life is wonderful, but it is a lot to keep up with, and I so want to do well.

Also, in case I don't have time to update again before the 17th:

On September 17th I'll have scans and doctor appointments in Kyiv. This is standard follow up. (Remember last time I went was in January?) Please pray for my time there and for my travel to and from. Asya is also going to Kyiv at the same time. We had planned my clinic visit so that she and I could travel together for her to attend a Christian music festival, but then it just got too complicated to make our plans fit together. So, she's going with a group from the churches here, and I'm traveling and staying separately. Pray for Asya's travels and Will and the others at home then, too, please.