Thursday, December 24, 2020

Music school lately

As I said in an earlier post, there aren't any holiday music school concerts this year. Our kids have done a lot of recording sessions, though. I've seen a few of those, and hopefully I'll see (and share) more of them soon. Jaan and Raia's teacher is putting together a "virtual concert," and I'm looking forward to that. Two group videos that Asya was in are in an online festival now.

I took Asya and Bogdan out for coffee or cacao after they finished an exam. Raia protests that I didn't do this for her or Jaan. Oops. Well, I know we celebrated in other ways, and I hardly ever used to go out for coffee myself before. Both of the younger ones were especially nervous about exams this time anyway. Asya didn't even think about her flute exam, but this was her first time on piano. (She did great.) Bogdan still isn't used to all this, and he wasn't ready because of his teacher's sickness, but he survived.

I liked this photo of Asya's teacher getting her set up to record:

Bogdan's class got to combine exams and entries in a school contest. He was very pleased later on to get a certificate and a present for participating, even though he says that played his pieces with mistakes.

Here is Raia with curled hair and GLITTER:

They had so much fun with all the hair and makeup for recording that the teacher is doing a whole "beauty salon" for the girls today before their class party. Raia is going to help, too. And Jaan has a surprise up his sleeve for the party....

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

We made it!

That's how I feel about finishing out this semester. Today was our last day of school for 2020. Art and music are still going, but at home we're done. As I went back through pictures, it looks like all we've done is art, music, Advent, and homeschooling. And, yes, that's pretty much about it. It's been good, though. Wonderful really. Today I'll post the art school and random/homeschooling/etc photos. Then I can do music and Advent separately on other days.
(It was not that warm out!)
I stole the last photo from one of Jaan's friends. They know someone who recently began working as a manager at an indoor petting zoo, so they've been hanging out there some. I want to go!