Saturday, July 28, 2018

Other camps

Other than the three camps that we have worked in this summer, Jaan and Raia also got to go to two others. (And there is one more coming up here, where Raia will work and Asya will attend.)

Back in June Jaan went to Vertical, which is a boys' camp in the woods near Poltava. He was there for 10 days. They lived in tents, cooked over fires, did all kinds of sports, and studied the Bible. Here are a few of the photos that the camp shared while he was there and since he's been home:

Then at the beginning of July Raia went to camp at the Azov Sea. She especially worked really hard in the other three camps, so we wanted her to have a chance just to be a camper. This camp was for our church and other churches from Kherson, which meant she was with all her best friends, and she loved it! Again, I took a few of the photos that they posted online:

Even there she was leading songs

More from art camp

When my team was rewarded for best behaviour
Starting a new painting
Just makes me laugh
Bogdan's group up front
Asya's group performing
Raia (jr counselor) and Nastia (sr counselor) greet their group
With her twin friends from church

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Art camp

Remember art camp, way back in June? Our camera was used as the official camp camera, so it came back to us at the end of the week with 3000+ photos that I just haven't wanted to sort through. Now here are some that include us, just from the first day, so far: