Monday, October 31, 2011

Tent dwellers

Bogdan just loves his big brother! They spent most of a morning playing together in this tent. Bogdan's main goal with his new crawling skills seems to be to follow Jaan around. He'll even turn away from me, to go after Jaan.

And I mentioned crawling skills....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time to write

I really need to write something here, and I can't think of what it should be! Off to look at photos....

Here's a pretty one:

But it doesn't really help me know what to write about. We are alive and well and happy. We're not even particularly busy. At least, not busier than usual. Just school, church, a little bit of sickness, and daily life all going on.

As of today, I think I can finally say that Bogdan is sitting up well. He'd much rather move than sit, so he's been slow to reach that milestone. At his seven-month weigh in, he was 8.2 kilograms. His first cold made him utterly miserable, but only for about two days.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

September birthdays, part 2

I think today is the day Asya was due, four years ago, so it's an appropriate time to write about her birthday. That, and everyone is napping now, so I have some time to write. Her birthday was September 24. We didn't really do anything super special, but she was thrilled. She had been waiting and waiting for her present, which she knew was a doll and stroller. Getting them was all she needed for a special day.

"I'm 4!"

Playing with balloons

Also, Raia and I had read The Gingerbread Man the day before. I remembered a fun idea to go with that, something I had seen ages ago. However, when we went to make our Gingerbread Kolobok, we discovered that a certain little sister had dumped out all our ginger. So, we had to put that project off until the next day, when it became that sister's birthday cake.

Licking batter off spoons, while Raia retells the story.

"He ran away!"

Found, on the balcony

The Gingerbread Kolobok

Going for a walk

Watching the birds

New doll

Homeless puppies


We had planned to let them jump on the inflatable jumping things that are usually set up in the center, but they weren't there on Asya's birthday. She didn't care. She was just as happy with a family walk. That's Asya! Pleased, happy and thankful for every little treat, all day long... on her birthday and every day.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Saturday, October 01, 2011

What fun!

Тетя Анна? или Дед Мороз?

Will's parents and sister are here visiting. They arrived on Thursday, and this is still the only photo I have of any of them. They have taken bunches with their cameras. I just don't have access to those. I guess I'd better get busy with our camera. And this picture does show what is going on here: wild and crazy fun! (Sorry, Anna.)