Friday, August 31, 2018

Camp photos

I was going to have Raia go back through all the photos from the camp photographer and choose the best to share here, but we're having electricity problems in this house, and she couldn't.* So, I'm doing what I can from my iPad and portable internet. These are the photos she already put on Facebook. Sorry if you've seen them before.

Bogdan and his counselor
Raia and her Karina

*Electricity is back now. The main breaker for our house burned out, and we had to wait for someone to come change it out.

More explanation of some of the photos, added later: Raia got to be Asya's counselor. At first they were actually upset about it, and didn't want to be in a group together, but it turned out to be really sweet. That's why there are so many photos of Raia with that whole group of girls.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Camp #5

For the first day of the Hunsuckers' visit, our kids were still at church camp. Raia was a camp helper, so she slept at the church all week and got to be part of the extra teen fun activities in the evenings. (One night they went to Jump Park, played like crazy until it closed, and then walked all the way back to the church!) Asya and Bogdan were at camp every day, almost from dawn to dusk, but they slept at home.

Bogdan's very favourite part was the ropes course set up in the trees by the church. Raia said that of all the little boys, he was the only one who would do everything right away without fear.

These were some of the photos that Raia posted from that part:

I'll ask Asya what her favourite part was and get some more photos from Raia tomorrow....

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

And now they're gone

When Will's parents got here almost two weeks ago, I posted "They're here" on Facebook, and then didn't do much online after that. We had a wonderful visit with them, and now they're on their way home. You can pray that their trip goes well; it will be kind of long and slow. Their travel coming this was was really rough, so we're hoping this time will be much better.

So far, I only have a few of the photos from the first few days off of Bernie's camera. Julie also posted a lot of hers on Facebook, but most of those are only visible to her friends. Here's some of the fun in our street:

The boys
The girls
The babushki and everyone else:

Monday, August 13, 2018

Updating the photo and other stuff

We had a weird redirect going on here that I had to find and fix, and I realised that I should fix the really old kid photo, too. Apparently the one I had up was from 2014!

They would have been ages 3, 6, 8, and 10.

I have usually used Easter photos, so I'll went back to one that we got at Easter this year when they were 7, 10, 12, and 14 year old.

I also found this really old photo update post. There should be at least another one, but I'm not seeing anything.

Then a general update: the week is another camp. A friend counted yesterday and noticed that it's Raia's fifth this summer. It's church day camp this week. Bogdan and Asya are attending. Raia is an assistant counselor, so she even gets to sleep at the church. She left yesterday, and we probably won't see much of her this week, but we know that she's in her element.

Now I have one last week now to get ready for school.... And Will's parents will be arriving on Thursday.

I did get our July newsletter written, so if you're not on the mailing list for that and you're interested, come read. --->