Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Choir concert

Jaan's end of the year choir concert was Friday. Earlier this year, they divided the huge younger choir up into two groups, and Jaan ended up in the little ensemble group. A friend caught these videos for us with his phone. First they sing a Ukrainian folk song, then a Russian song:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting ready

One week until we fly out! We can't wait to see as many of you as possible, and we really appreciate your prayers for our preparations and travel. Next Monday we'll fly out around 2:00, only going as far as Vienna. We were able to find and reserve a cheap family room at a hotel there, so we're hoping for a good night of sleep before we fly on. The next day we'll go from Vienna to Washington, and then on to Greenville, SC. In Greenville we'll get a minivan from Macedonian Call Foundation (praise God for his provision for us, and pray for this worthy ministry!) and drive to Charlotte. We'll have two weeks there, then we'll drive down to Florida for two weeks with my family and church.

That's just absolutely the bare bones of the big adventure ahead of us. Really, please pray with us over every step of the way. If you want to see us, please contact us or our mothers as soon as possible. We're really looking forward to visiting with our families, friends, supporters, and home churches!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Changing photos

I've had the same photos in the sidebar for ages! I think the group photo was from two years ago? And newborn Bogdan was, of course, more than a year ago.

So, now it's time to update with something more recent. From Easter Sunday, 2012:

(That's not our cat, by the way. Just a very friendly one, who lives outside our building. We call her "Jaan's cat," because she loves him so much.)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dacha days

We've been at our dacha with our favorite ragamuffins. So nice!

We have one more week there, then back to civilization to finish getting ready for our trip. Two weeks until we leave!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Children's conference

On Saturday we got to go to a children's conference in Zaporozhye. We took our own children, plus the rest of the Sunday school.

On the train
This is a very rare picture. Bogdan chose to sit with someone else. Even with someone as "scary" as Taras! After this, the pictures skip a bit. We got kind of lost crossing the city, and made it to the conference a little late. The morning was full of songs and stories and a sermon and all sitting in one place. It was all good, but I didn't take any more pictures for a while. Then came lunch....

Eating himself under the table
He was so hungry and so exhausted! I was actually feeding him the macaroni while he flopped like this in my lap. (Like Asya said at the end of the day, "Those people in Zaporozhye forgot about nap time." Then she added, "So I did it myself!" since she slept all the way home afterwards.)

Last one at lunch
 Then, after lunch there were all kinds of games.

Cheerleader at game time

Raia's team

Jaan in a relay race

Funny football

Asya's team won!
Everyone enjoyed themselves, and they were great sports about the adventures of getting there and back.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

We don't celebrate Mother's Day, and, um, we tend to forget about it, even though we dearly love our mothers. This year I saw a printable "quiz" linked from another blog that I read, though, and I decided to see what our children would say about our mothers, their grandmothers.

So, here you go, with questions changed from "All about my Mom" to "All about our Baba." First, Baba Julie:
Our Baba's name is Julie Hunsucker.
She is 40 years old.
She is taller than our other Baba.
She weighs 40 kgs./She is heavier than our other Baba.
Her favorite food is very spicy.
Her favorite thing to drink is juice.
Her favorite thing to do is go for walks with us.
She likes to wear dresses.
Baba Julie is really good at helping at church.
I like it best when Baba Julie gives me presents/goes for walks with us.
My favorite thing to do with Baba Julie is going for walks/riding bikes.
During the day Baba Julie sleeps and works and probably plows (tills) the garden with that thing they have (a tiller).
(Illustration is the bottom part of the photo above. It's of when Asya and Baba Julie--with blue hair--went out and ran into a volcano.)

And now for the other Baba:
Our Baba's name is Kathy Robertson. (Lots of discussion between Jaan and Raia to get to that, but I didn't have to tell them.)
She is 41 years old.
She is shorter than Baba Julie./She is little.
She weighs 26 kgs.
Her favorite food is very grapefruit.
Her favorite thing to drink is plain water/grapefruit juice.
Her favorite thing to do is take care of fish.
She likes to wear skirts.
Baba is really good at taking care of us.
I like it best when Baba talks to us on Skype.
My favorite thing to do with Baba is play in their yard.
During the day Baba makes breakfast for Granda.
(Raia drew a then and now picture of Baba on her wedding day and Raia now. Very cute. It's the top half of the photo.)

So, Babushki, what do you think? Do they know you well? They certainly love you!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Last week and this week

Last week seemed a little rough. A bit of sickness went from Bogdan, to Asya, to Jaan, to me. Will traveled to Kiev to reapply for a social security number for Bogdan. On his way back, he couldn't get a ticket to Zaporozhya, so he went to Dnepropetrovsk. His train arrived right around the time that four bombs went off there. (God protected him, and he didn't even know that anything had happened until later, but it was still very scary.)

This week is looking better. We're heading out to our dacha! Actually we had planned to go yesterday, but someone was needing a place to stay, so we had let him spend a few nights there. Today he found somewhere else, so we're going for a few days ourselves. Of course, you won't be hearing any more from us until we get back....

Oh, other good news is that God provided a vehicle for us to use during our trip to the states in June!