Look and listen with us

This year as part of our school curriculum we'll be enjoying the art and music selections from Ambleside Online, with a few changes. Here's what we're doing in our family. At this stage, we aren't studying in-depth, just looking at art and listening to music. (You can even read along with us on other subjects, if you look at the Year 1 pages, too.) Also, I hadn't included poetry before, but I'll add that here this term.

Term 3
Artist: Eugene Delacroix
Composer: Chopin
Folk songs: Botany Bay, Валенки (Russian), and Іди, іди, дощику (Ukrainian)
Poetry: AO collection and Фет

The folk songs are the same throughout the term:

Hymns change monthly.
March: At Calvary and У Креста (words and music)
April: Am I a Soldier of the Cross and О, наш Отец на небесах
May: I Know That My Redeemer Lives and Я знаю, жив мой Искупитель
June: 'Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus and Сладко верить

Art and classical music:
We've been using YouTube more than Grooveshark this term.

Self portrait

Portrait of Chopin

More later....

*I've obviously chosen the Russian and Ukrainian songs on my own. A note on how I choose the hymns: if the Russian version of the English hymn is something that we actually sing, I use it. Otherwise, I try to pick something classically Russian or just something that we like. Folk songs are just from two disks of folk songs for children--specifically for children!--that we have.