Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Jaan's official and four weeks old!

(I moved this over from our site. Our blog actually started in June 2005.)

We registered Jaan!

Thank you so much for praying. Yesterday, on Will's fourth trip to the registration office, we finally got Jaan's birth certificate. It was really obvious that people were praying. We barely had to wait at all. (Often there's a long line and several hour's wait.) We had all the right documents and everything went smoothly. Also, after my last update, Will had gone to try to get everything translated and notarized. The price that they quoted him was incredibly high, and they would have kept our documents for a week. We prayed, others prayed, and the next day Will found a notary office that did everything in one day and charged less than half of what the first office would have charged.

Now, the next step is registering at the American embassy and getting Jaan a passport. That shouldn't be so complicated. We'll see....

(Photo: Four weeks old and not very happy.)

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