Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The bobo bird

Jaan has reached a new stage recently. He can walk to the woods on his own two feet. I used to take him in the stroller and then let him down to run around and explore when we got to a good place. Now he goes the whole way by himself, and Raia gets the stroller. He carries his little bucket and collects all kinds of things, usually as a present to take home to Papa. Yesterday Will went with us too, though.

The highlight of our walk was seeing a Big Spotted Woodpecker.

(To understand this story, you have to know that Jaan is afraid of two things: bobos and fountains. "Bobo" is whenever he hears a knocking or hammering noise. He starts saying "bobo," making a sign like someone hammering, and clinging to the nearest parent like his life depends upon it. Fountains have nothing to do with this story. )

As we were walking yesterday, we heard a bobo. Of course, I was very excited to see the woodpecker. Jaan didn't panic; maybe they're not so scary outside? He couldn't figure out what was making the noise, though. The woodpecker was at the top of a very tall, dead pine tree, and his little eyes couldn't find it. I took him to the base of the tree, and we put our ears up against it. Then he was really intrigued! He was convinced that there was something inside the tree truck. After he searched around the bottom of the tree and didn't find anything, I took him back out to where he could see the top of the tree again. Now he could see the woodpecker. He kept talking about "bobo bir-DUH" for the rest of our walk. He can say woodpecker pretty clearly in Russian now, too.


BabaJulie said...

I love the bobo bir-duh story! Abby had an irrational fear of crickets and could leap about 5 feet onto the nearest "big person" when she saw one! That's great that Jaan associates the bobo with the nice bird he saw! Put the bobo bir-duh picture on again. It didn't come through. Love to all! Julie

Anonymous said...


From your description I can just picture the two of you listening at the base of the tree--what a great story! Tell Jaan how much we enjoy the Florida bobo bir-duhs. Recently a red bellied woodpecker has been investigating the bird house you made, but has not taken up occupancy.

We love you!--M

Phyllis said...

Mom, can you (or anyone else) see the picture?

Anonymous said...

No, all we get (I had Dad check as well) is a rectangle with a question mark.

During lunch two woodpeckers came to your loquat tree: a red bellied and a little downey or hairy. (Since they don't sit still to be measured, I cannot tell the difference.) They made me think of you.


Anonymous said...

Yes! It's interesting that he has such a red rump. How big is this kind of woodpecker? Do males and females look alike?

Love to each one....

BabaJulie said...

Yes! I can see that picture! He looks very different from the ones we see here. Does he really have some blue on him? Do you know that the slaves in the South used to call him "the Lord God bird"? I am not sure why. I just remember reading that somewhere. Much Love to all!

Phyllis said...

Mom, I think they're a little bigger than the Red Bellied Woodpeckers in FL. Here’s a link to a page that has a drawing of both the male and the female. (Click on the picture when you get to this page, if you want to see the female. I think I saw a link to English on there somewhere, too.) We've never been close enough to see the differences; they're pretty subtle.

Julie, I don't know that it's really blue, maybe just blue-ish black. And, no, I had never heard that before. :-)

Anonymous said...

Looking at the drawings, I would say the difference is similar to the difference between male and female red bellied woodpeckers here--except your female is totally without red on her head. If you see any red on the head, it's a male; at least that is what the picture indicates.

With much love--M

Anonymous said...

No, I can't see the pictures either. Just to let you know. =)

Hug the little ones for me!
Love, Shae