Thursday, March 02, 2006


When Jaan woke up Thursday morning, I told him that he was going to see Caleb. I don't think he knew what I meant, but we talked about the little boy named Caleb and the other times they had been together, and soon Jaan was very excited. Every time the train would slow down, he would say, "Now. Caylu." I'd tell him not yet, later. When we arrived in Moscow, Jaan started searching everywhere for "Caylu." Still, not yet. We had to go on the Metro, then a bus. . . .

And then Mi-ka had a very bad adventure. The bus ride was long and slow. Jaan and Raia both slept. When we finally pulled into Naro-Fominsk, where the Beairds live, we just hopped off with our sleepy children and piled into a taxi. I didn't even really get their coats back on right. When the taxi driver heard where we wanted to go, he refused to take us to that street. All the other taxi drivers had some excuse or another; Will called the taxi company, and they said they didn't have anyone available because of the holiday. It was cold and wet out, and Raia was screaming. Usually small children are a magic ticket to get anything done here, so we were really surprised, and I was not happy.

We finally found someone willing to take us and started off. Right as we reached the Beairds' house, we realized that we had left Jaan's backpack on the bus. And Mi-ka, the beloved bear, was in it. James and Will went back to look at the place were the buses park. Susan called the children together and we prayed. After all that time, the bus with Mi-ka really should have been on its way back to Moscow. But it wasn't! Praise the Lord, before too long James and Will came back with Mi-ka! Now we could settled in and enjoy our visit with our wonderful friends.

All the kids
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I had two photos and couldn't decide which was cuter. Maybe Susan will post the other one.

I can't say enough about how wonderful it was just to talk, watch our kids play, talk, meet cute chubby-cheeked Johanna, talk, see the Beairds' new home, and just have time together!

Both of our children have buddies who were born the same year:

Jaan and "Caylu"
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Raia and JoJo
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James and Susan let us have their room and the whole downstairs for the night. Their children went up to bed. When the rest of us were ready to sleep, we told Jaan that it was time for bed. He kissed me and started up the stairs to join his friends! I think he was a little surprised to find out that he had to sleep with us.


A day in the life... said...

the pic of princess Raia is too adorable!! with the slumbering 'i can't even hold my head up yet but i'm gigantic' JoJo :) too much fun.. i wish sometimes we didn't live 8 long hours away (but i guess it makes us appreciate the visits even more!)

Anonymous said...

I often wish your families lived closer together. Did you ever determine why the drivers would not go to the Beairds' street?

Thanks so much for the photos.

Much love...