Saturday, September 30, 2006


What are these?
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Does anyone know? Next year I want to try growing some of them. They're blooming beautifully in our neighbor's area right now.

We've had a few chances to work outside over the past few days. I was going to plant tulip bulbs for the spring, but we couldn't get the key to the tool closet, so I put that off a little longer. I did divide out the primroses, so they're ready to be some of the first flowers to show their faces after the winter. I didn't plan very well this year, because our flower beds are rather bare now. I needed more fall flowers. The asters exploded in blooms and then collapsed. Now just the petunias and calendula are still straggling along. Oh, well. I'm learning.

Will did get all the trash raked up and carried off, which is a huge improvement!


Anonymous said...

Honey--It isn't like you grew up learning what to plant for the climate of Kovrov! You are having to learn a whole new system of planting seasons with entirely different challenges than Florida. I wonder what USDA climate zone number corresponds to Kovrov.

With days still in the 80s, it's still plenty warm for working outside, but nights of 60s make for refreshing morning coolness. Today I have done some indoor gardening, a great mental health exercise. Several of the houseplants have more suitable containers where they can (hopefully) spread their roots and grow.

We love you all so much....

BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis! I think a lot of gardening is trial and error, regardless!! I have been trying different kinds of flowers in my beds for the different seasons. Pansies are a definite for Fall and Winter. And, I think I've decided on Vincas and Salvia for the summer. They were GREAT this year!! I think you have some sort of sunflower there - maybe a Mexican Sunflower. Love to all!

Mrs said...

Is there such a thing as a gardener who doesn't garden?

I sit in my back yard that's all grass and one plant, and I have such visions of loveliness. I can see the flower beds and benches and paths! If I were to plant anything now, however, it would all die for lack of irrigation. We have one hose back there and no way to turn it on.

I have no idea what that plant is, but I love anything red!

Lindy Johnson said...

This flower is a real mystery. I have looked in several flower books and all over the Internet to no conclusion. It seems like it might be in the Aster family. I found reference to asters that bloom in Russia but no proof. Your climate is so similar to ours that I thought I'd have success but not so far.