Friday, April 06, 2007

He's alive!

Maybe it's a little early to be saying that, but it is always true: Jesus is alive! That's what we're focusing on this year, with our children.

For our family night activity on Wednesday, we decorated eggs. I had two methods planned, which was probably too much, but I didn't know what would work and what would be the right level of difficulty for us. First we dripped food coloring on eggs. Jaan and Raia loved that, but it was a little frustrating for them, too. We had to wait between drippings for the eggs to dry, and I couldn't just let them squirt color wildly, like they wanted to.

Jaan at work
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Then we painted eggs with glue and stuck tissue paper on them. I don't know which was better. Raia got herself so sticky, that she had a hard time getting anything onto the egg. Both methods were fun, though!

The finished product
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Wait, THIS is the finished product!
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Learning together
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Yesterday we had a wet, snowy morning, so we stayed inside and did another craft.

Easter craft
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The top says "He's alive!" Then there is a cross, followed by flowers and butterflies to picture new life and resurrection, and XB at the bottom stands for "Christ is Risen." The picture really should be against a bright blue sky. It's all much prettier than it shows up.

By the way, it's fun that we're all celebrating Easter at the same time this year.


Anonymous said...

Suddenly both children look much more grown up. We continue to be profoundly thankful that you are teaching them vital truth with such creativity and beauty. We love each of you....

BabaJulie said...

He is risen! He is risen indeed! I explained the way you all greet one another in church on Easter to my Korean Christian dry cleaner. She loved it! He is risen!! Love you all!

Mrs said...

(hee hee) I LOVE Raia's finished egg! I can't think of a better way to thoroughly enjoy a craft than to take it apart, piece by piece, at the end. Marvelous!

Phyllis said...

Even better, take it apart and eat it! That's what she did, after all. :-)

Anonymous said...

He is risen, risen! Hallelujah!