Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday school

A week ago Alina and I started a Sunday school for the littlest children. There aren't very many of them, and they're such a sweet little group! Here are a few photos from today:

A fishing game

Eating "loaves and fish"
(I don't know what Jaan was doing.)

Taras brought his niece and stayed for a little while.


The "snow flower" that Raia found after church


Baba Julie said...

Wonderful! It's nice to see the real use of a part of the church we saw when we were there! Love y'all!!

Anonymous said...

you are inspiring me! been trying for a few years to get someone else to do this job in our church--there's no kids anything during the services, but maybe i should just do it myself and then see what happens :)
thanks for posting about this!