Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Evening Post, issue 10

A photo from this week:

In Odessa

This week I'll ask what was their favorite part of our trip to Odessa. In their own words....
Jaan: "The dolphins!"

Raia: "I liked playing with the African uncle." (He was one of the Thanksgiving guests.)

Asya: "Umm... Jesus." (?)

Will: "I enjoyed not having to do anything."

School this week: Thanksgiving break!

My books and knitting: I finished Kristin Lavransdatter. That was more than 1000 pages of plain good writing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I didn't make it to the yarn store in Odessa. We were all just too tired from all the other fun there.

Weather and nature observations: More rainy and foggy again. I see snow on the forecast for the upcoming week! Jaan already mentioned our best nature observation of the past week: DOLPHINS. We saw a pod of dolphins in the Odessa port, and had a great time watching them swim around. I didn't even know there are dolphins in the Black Sea before we sighted them.

Advent this week: It's starting! This is the first evening of Advent. (And I'm not really sitting at the computer writing now. I wrote this during nap time, to post automatically in the evening, while we gather as a family to prepare.) This year we'll be reading about the life of Christ, and this week we also focus on HOPE.

Other news, ministry, notes and miscellaneous from the week: We were gone most of the week, visiting Will's sister in Odessa. What a wonderful time! We had forgotten how long and exhausting that trip is, but it was worth it. Wednesday evening we celebrated Thanksgiving with students Anna works with and her roommates. It was great to have all the traditional foods and get to meet so many wonderful new friends. We arrived back here Thursday; tried to spend Friday recovering; Saturday Will went to a youth conference with a group from here. And we're still tired now.

On this date in. . . 2005, 2006, and 2007: a wordy day of the year, it seems.

holy experience

Just a few things I'm thankful for...
  • HOME!
  • fun times in Odessa
  • great hostesses there
  • the incredible sunset we saw from the train
  • an end to the fussy day yesterday
  • the beginning of Advent

My question for you: What are your Advent plans? (I'll try to write more about what we're doing soon.)

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Alissa Maxwell said...

I think I told you that we're doing an advent routine that I got from you a few years ago - with the daily gifts coordinated with scripture reading: a quarter, swedish fish, a marble, etc. I think Owen is going to LOVE it!

And congratulations!