Thursday, August 04, 2011

School planning

I would like to write more about homeschooling on this blog, including a kind of general intro to our homeschool, but right now, I need to get down to the more practical part. Hopefully more homeschooling posts will come soon. (This post and a few others were stuck in Drafts. I'm letting them out now. )

I've been wanting to start on plans for the next school year, but I just haven't had a chance. Judging from what I see around the internet, lots of homeschool families have already started back to school. We have almost a month to go. Still, I need to get busy! Alina took everyone except for Bogdan out to play, so I have a few hours free....

This year Jaan will be doing Ambleside Online Year 2, and Raia will be in Year 0. (Year 0 really includes all the preschool years, but I'm doing an "official" Year 0 with her, one last year of prep before she heads into Year 1.) I guess they're in grades 3 and 1? Or 2 and K? Who knows or cares about that part? (Ah, I like this post: related to my thoughts about what grade and Raia... and Asya.)

Year 2 will be pretty much exactly as it's written out on the web site. Beyond AO, I add in MEP math, Ukrainian as a foreign language, and Russian history, literature, poetry, hymns and folk songs.

With Raia I'm planning to take time each day to read books from the AO book list to her and work on the "List of Attainments." She'll continue to listen to audio books for Russian literature. At least at first, I'm going to set reading lessons aside; she hasn't seemed ready for them, so far. I'll reevaluate that after the first term.

Both Jaan and Raia--plus Asya and Bogdan--will be a part of Bible, poetry, memory work and songs around the breakfast table every day. This year I want to try adding art and composer study (appreciation) at supper. Note to self: it would be nice to make a song book, memory books for both Jaan and Raia (three binders total for all that), find poetry, print out art, and get music onto my Kindle.

Now I just need to get that planned out on paper and find my resources....

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Jessica Curtis said...

Always enjoy reading what other homeschooling families are doing. Thanks for sharing!