Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kiev, part 2: Pecherskaya Lavra

Don't know why they were on the ground

A little angel, flying by a church cupola?

Right outside the monastery

With the tour guide, just before going down in the caves
No pictures allowed in the caves, which were the main attraction for our children. I wish I could have gotten a few of their faces, lit by candlelight, while they listened and explored, and when they finally saw Ilya Murometz. Will carried Bogdan all through the whole tour, and even Bogdan seemed interested. He was exhausted, but he took everything in with very wide eyes and never did fall asleep. Note the bright red fringe on the coat in the photo above. Raia managed to catch that on fire with her little candle. Oops.

It was beautiful above ground!

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Mom said...

Memorable day! Thank you for giving us these glimpses. We love you.