Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two years old!

Bogdan is two! He doesn't seem to understand what all the excitement is about, but he was very happy to "finally" have cake. Last night while we were making it, he sat in his high chair, cheering and clapping his hands.... And then he was horribly disappointed when I announced that it was time for bed.

So far today, we've had Yana come over for tea, because she shares a birthday with Bogdan. They opened presents, and Bogdan was very serious about enjoying his. Now the birthday boy is asleep. When he gets up, we'll have ballons and then a birthday dinner. We didn't make any big plans, and that suits Bogdan very well; he's easily pleased.


Anonymous said...

Wish we could be there!Hugs and kisses to all! Happy Birthday Big Boy Bogdan!

much love, d/b/g

Chris and Carole said...

Happy Birthday Bogdan!!!

Mom said...

He appears to be seriously enjoying his special day. We love each of you.