Sunday, January 13, 2019

Random bits

The church Christmas play and different holidays deserve their own separate posts. Other than those events, what should I write about now?

Asya got to go to "the real theatre" with her friend during the holiday break. Photos from that coming soon.... 

Our dear friends from Canada moved away. We're grieving that, and nothing replaces them.
Our last time all together before they left
They left us their very sweet little rabbit, and we're enjoying her so much. We have tons of photos of her already; here are just a few.

We started back to school at home and at art school. Music school starts again tomorrow (although both girls had extra music practices and such during their break).

Jaan went on a long trip by himself. This is the first time we've just sent him off like this: 18 hours on a train! He's spent a few days in Kharkov with the ministry he went to summer camp with, and he'll be home from that tomorrow. Pray for his long trip back.

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