Saturday, July 13, 2019

More about camp and travel plans

This camp flew by, at least to me, sitting here at home. There have been quite a few photos and videos on Facebook, many of them available without any restrictions, and more if you're friends with our friends on the camp team. Here are some from day 1, day 2, day 3.... Look around for more. And these are the very few pictures that Will took with our camera on the first day:

Tomorrow is the last day at Tsyurupinsk. The camp team will go to church, like on a regular Sunday, and then to the orphanage do a closing picnic for the kids.

Also tomorrow, Raia and I will be traveling to Kyiv. I had planned to go by myself this time and have my friend there accompany me to the clinic. However, that friend is in Moldava, and Raia really wanted to go, so that's what we're doing. We'll travel all day Sunday, spend the night in a hostel, Monday at the clinic, another night at the hostel, and then travel home on Tuesday.

I am still really enjoying feeling well and not being in pain. We don't really know what is going on inside of me, though. Please keep praying that my hemoglobin will be up, liver toxicity down, and that the Keytruda will work.

Next week this same wonderful team will do camp at the children's shelter in Stepanovka. Oh, one of them sent me a fun video from Tsyurupinsk camp this morning:

Really, my favourite was from the talent show yesterday. You can only see it if you're friends with me on Facebook, though: Uncle Joe and Bogdan performing with live accompaniment.


Mom said...

Praying, praying, praying.

We love you.

Baba Julie said...

Praying with you and so many others, that the Keytruda is doing its job!! So happy that your blood work looked good and you were able to have the infusion. Praying for you and Raia as you make your way back home. Love you!