Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tsyurupinsk camp

Day camp in the orphanage starts today! Back when we first started planning, I was going to be the camp director. Now I'm staying home, but most of the rest of my family is involved. There's going to be a play that goes on from day to day, and our three oldest have been practicing for that; Jaan, our actor, has the lead role. Bogdan has to stay home with me, at least for now, because he got a bad cough at the river. Other than sounding bad, he feels fine, and he's very disappointed not to be going to help at camp, though.

I actually feel so well right now that it probably would be possible for me to go, but I need to conserve energy and stay healthy. Camp in Tsyurupinsk and Stepanovka goes July 10-20, and my next treatment is July 15, right in the middle of that. I need to get ready to travel, and I'll probably be tired when I get back. Also, we couldn't even imagine that I would be feeling so good, so we didn't plan for me to be at camp.

Since I don't have any camp photos yet, here is one from Monday. Most of the guys we see at this institution grew up in Tsyurupinsk and would do just about anything to get back to their "home" there. Any time we can visit them, they love it. They wanted to take a selfie with me:

P.S. I had to come back and add that the first camp photos are already appearing!


Mom said...

Oh Phyllis! My heart is ripped knowing how you must long to be at the camp directing, ministering, interacting,...but we are also incredibly thankful that you are feeling so much better. What a delight it is to see your children ministering in your place! You are amazing and beautiful--you life shines brightly. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Mom said! Praising God for your pain relief! We love you and your family.

Baba Julie said...

So happy to see you w/ the guys who used to live in "your" orphanage. What a blessing to feel well enough to visit them! I know it is a bright day for them when you go! And, although you are not able to direct the camp, I'm sure much of your insight and artistic skills have been put to work. And, it's so good that the rest of the family can help - except for poor Bogdan, of course!! Give him a hug from us! Hugs all around to all of you!! Prayers and lots of love, Julie

Lindy Johnson said...
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Lindy Johnson said...

Had a typo and couldn’t edit! So glad to hear you are feeling stronger. Seeing your smiling face is wonderful. Hopefully Bogdan will see “our” fawn video on Facebook. I was thinking about him as I was posting it.