Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Health update

We're now two months out from my last immunotherapy treatment, and I can tell that I feel better. I'm finally less tired. Will's complaining that I walk too fast now. My digestive system is also settling back down. I'm only barely underweight. I continue to eat very healthily, lots of fruits and vegetables, and no sugar at all.

My second PET scan is set for the day after I was supposed to come back from England: April 28. We had hoped that I could have a wonderful trip that would completely distract me from dreading it, and then do it as an afterthought on my way home. It sounds like the England trip won't be happening, but if internal Ukraine travel is possible, I'll just go to Kyiv for the scan.


Anonymous said...

We are thankful the fatigue is lessening, but ache with you at the apparent cancellation of your earnestly desired trip. We love you dearly.

Baba Julie said...

We are so happy that you are feeling better and are able to eat more now. But, sad to hear that your trip to UK will probably not happen. Praying for you every day and do hope you can get your next scan, as scheduled.

We are here in Costa Rica until Mar 30. We feel pretty safe from the virus, up here on the beautiful mt. However, the question is: will we be able to return to US on the 30th. Please pray for our health, as we travel, if you are allowed to go. We love you all!!

Baba Julie said...

(If WE are allowed to go!) (: