Friday, July 03, 2020

Last day of camp

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for camp. As I said in our June prayer letter, it's been good, but sometimes hard. Today is the last day. Please pray for them to finish well and for an ongoing impact in the lives of all these kids.

 And pray especially for Jaan. Last night after all the kids left, he stayed on at church. He was riding the youth pastor's moped and tipped it over, injuring his left hand pretty badly. As he said, the camp nurse was already gone, so they went into the medical room and "poured everything on it," then wrapped it up and had his friend walk him home. This morning the Sunday school director cleaned it again (she's a paramedic) and said that the nurse needed to take a look. I went to check on him, take him cold coffee--it's really hot again--and make sure that he did actually get to the nurse. She says that he'll be okay, but she wants to be sure to change the bandage again herself tonight before he comes home. So, please pray for good healing and strength for today in the heat after a bad night. Enough already with injuries for our family! (My leg is pretty much healed by now, which is good.)

 Here are a few photos from the past few days:

Asya's group
(From before the injury)

Bogdan's group
All the camp workers
This morning: note that Jaan has a child on his head already


Mom said...

We are thankful you have competent and caring friends who can help in this type of situation. Praying for Jaan, the final day at camp and your whole family. Much love to each one! (Apropos: the verification picture this time was a motorcycle.)

Baba Julie said...

So sweet! Your children/our grandchildren are such a blessing to others! We are so sorry to hear about Jaan's accident! We do hope that he's much better by now! Praying for quick healing! Love to you all!