Thursday, July 20, 2006

A is for. . .

Jaan knows quite a few letters in both English and Russian. We have an English alphabet poster hanging in our bathroom. (Why? I don't know.) Up until now all of our friends have thought the way Jaan reads it is hilarious. Now Will has been teaching him the right words, so I have to share the way Jaan used to do it before we forget.

Jaan would sit there and "read" like this:
A. . . яблоко!
B. . . бабочка!
C. . . торт!
And so on. :-)

A funny thing that he said to me yesterday when we were playing outside: he brought me a worm that he had found and said, "Please hold him. . . but don't eat him!"

And yet another: Jaan calls nettles (крапива) "пиво," which means beer. He can often be heard yelling as we go for walks, "Mama, be careful of the beer here. It bites!"

We were able to have our last day of camp on Monday, and it was wonderful! Thank you so much for all the prayers. The camp time was just about the only break in the rain. The girls were thrilled to have one more day with us. I really want to post pictures and more stories, but that will have to wait.

Anna has been with us for a few days again. Tomorrow she's leaving for a trip to Saint Petersburg.


BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis! You do wonder what's going on in their little minds sometimes, don't you??? And, DID you eat the worm? Is this a habit? And, I think there is much wisdom in the "beer biting" thing!! I certainly saw it bite a lot of people as I was growing up! Thanks, again, for all the hosting you all have done with Anna and Abby. You are always so good to all of us! We love you!

Anonymous said...

I delight in your stories. Not only are you creating a treasury for us, but Jaan will have these stories to look back on as he matures. Thank you!

Much love to each one....

amazing journeys said...

Awesome stories! And it's also such a great thing that you are writing them down. I should think of doing it too, just never seem to think of it...Glad the camp went well. Ours in Izhevsk are in full bloom! :)

Mimi said...

He speaks the truth about beer, that boy! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

It's so fun to peek in on Jaan's language development. He sounds like he's doing it his own way- with creativity, joy, and personality! I love it!

We leave for Montreal, Canada on Wednesday. We're going to see my college roomie, Renata and her husband and Jeff will speak/lead worship for their youth retreat for 3 days, while the remaining days will be spent roaming the area. I'm so excited!