Saturday, July 01, 2006

What a wonderful day!

Yesterday we got to visit Will! Vanya was taking Anna, Abby, and Linda to Karabanovo, so he dropped up off in Sudogda on his way there. I was able to take treats and some medicine to Will. To me, he looked awful, but he said that he was doing well and was feeling much better. Apparently the day before, his lips had been so swollen that he was even having trouble talking.

Like I said, we had a wonderful time! We got to visit with Will, meet the kids and team that he's working with, swim, eat supper there, and then share with the older groups at their evening fellowship time. Right now Raia's idea of heaven is a puddle, so she was overjoyed to see the beautiful little river there. I caught her just in time to get her clothes off before she dove in. Jaan liked it, too, but he was more cautious. He was also fascinated with the tents and the whole concept of camping. Now he understands where Papa is and what he's doing.

Vanya was supposed to come get us on his way back, but he was running late, so "Uncle" Volodya, the missionary in Sudogda, drove us out to the road near Vladimir to wait for Vanya. Jaan amused everyone in the car by demanding that we all be quiet so that we would be able to "hear the rabbits" and then falling asleep in the midst of insisting that he wasn't tired at all. When we met up with Vanya, we transferred the sleeping children to his van and continued on our way home. We finally got back here at 1:00 a.m.. Yawn!

Prayers for the weather are continuing to be answered. Yesterday was gorgeous: cooler and gently sunny. Today is wet, windy and overcast, so I've been praying that the kids are staying dry and warm, but also praising God that Will can have a chance to heal some. This morning we were actually cold here, and I had to scramble for sweaters and blankets that had been put away.

Baby update: The latest news is that they let Tanya have the baby for another half hour last night. The doctors continue to insist that he can't suck, but he tried when she had him, and they're giving him a bottle in the nursery sometimes. They are planning to transfer him to the hospital on Monday, but now it sounds like that will be good. Tanya should be able to go with him, and maybe even have him in her room. (Pray!)

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you were able to spend some time with Will at camp--I am certain he greatly appreciated seeing you as well! I can just see Raia and the "puddle" and catch the inflection of Jaan's earnest plea for silence to hear rabbits. We keep praying for all of you. Much love.....