Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Arts and crafts, part 3

Today we made paper turkeys. (The colored ones are quite pretty, if you need any Thanksgiving decorations.) Jaan really enjoyed making a similar angel last week at the orphanage, so I decided to try this. Again, he loved it! Raia liked scribbling all over, too. Her turkey didn't even last long enough to get pictures of it, though. I got them posed and then. . . .

"Don't break it!"
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

The head!
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

She ripped the head off, crumpled the rest of it up, and popped it all into her mouth.

Jaan's playing with his turkey now. Later if I can get it away from him, it will be the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving decorations. We're not going to do a full Thanksgiving celebration this year, because Will will be in Moscow, but we can decorate some. On Saturday when the youth come over, I plan to have at least pumpkin pie, and maybe some other seasonal treats.

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BabaJulie said...

A girl after mine own heart!!! If it doesn't walk away - eat it!!! And, turkey is one of my favorites, too!! So glad you all are doing turkeys! How about the pilgrims and indians? Lots of love and gobbles!