Monday, December 03, 2007

What's new?

People keep asking us that. Really there's nothing new. Will had a neighbor check our mail and read it to us over the phone. There was a letter from the regional court, but it just said that my case will be heard again in Kovrov City Court. No date. So, we keep waiting. Keep praying; we'll keep you posted.

There was something new and different on our Jesse Tree last night:

Something is different!
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I snuck it in there to raise interest in our story. But--let this be a reminder that we're not perfect --the children were so fussy and uncooperative that we barely made it through making the ornament. The story had to wait until this morning. The snake stayed in the tree overnight, and Jaan and Raia listened with great fascination when I finally explained why it was there.

(By the way, WHY is right up Jaan's alley right now. He never stops asking "why?" I laughed so hard last night; he even asked "why?" in his sleep! I could hear him muttering, and then loud and clear "ПОЧЕМУ?" and then more muttering.)

I haven't written much about Asya recently. She's getting really big! Yesterday Will was playing a wild game with Jaan, Raia, and a ball. Up until now, she's either been indifferent to such events or scared and overwhelmed by them. This time she was fascinated. I even took her away, because I was afraid it was too much for her, and she screamed until I brought her back. She just wanted to sit in my lap, and seriously study what her crazy family was doing. She's also enthralled by a shirt with black and white stripes that I've been wearing. It's so amazing to her, that sometimes she'll even stop nursing to stare at it with her mouth hanging open. Sometimes she'll be smiling at me and interacting with me, and then all of a sudden the shirt catches her attention, and she's stuck. She's also on her way to being mobile. We've had her on a mattress on the floor at nights, and recently she scooted right off of it! I didn't go to her right away when she woke up, so she calmly decided to come get me herself. Sometimes at night she'll roll over, and that sure makes her mad. I'll close with a photo of her:

Originally uploaded by fylliska.

She's so used to taking her morning nap outside, that on the weekends when we stay in, we have to pretend. I wrap her up in her outside blanket, just leaving off the hat and coat layers, and she goes right to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Each glimpse of daily life is precious; thank you. Love and prayers....

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Asya will soon be in the middle of all that "craziness"!! Praying! Lots of love! Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a Jesse tree? THe first day, I just thought you had mispelled Jesus. =-) In your honor, I collected sticks yesterday and made a tree on my front porch. I'll send you a picture. =-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me. Anna

Phyllis said...

Anna, I like the Wikipedia explaination of the general idea (great pictures!). This is what we're doing. I also have a pretty set of Jesse Tree ornaments, but I don't know if I'll get them put together this year.

Debbie said...

Hey, I love reading your blog. It is so nice to stay up on your family. I can't image what you are going through. You seem to be handling it all so well. Keep trusting God.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Beautiful picture of Asya. One of my friends has a flipping baby as well. They have to roll up blankets on either side of him at night, so he can't flip over and start screaming. Your Advent activities always help put me in the right spirit. Thank you!

Mrs said...

How wonderful to hear the voices of your family on Sunday! It was so amazing to have you "join" us for prayer. I do hope you're able to enjoy your time there and not fret too much. . . none of this is taking God by surprise, but you know that.

Eagerly anticipating God's answers to these prayers!

Lindy Johnson said...

Thanks for the link about the Jesse tree, very informative. Thank you also for keeping us informed as you are always in my thoughts. I love the pictures.

JacciM said...

I'm so glad you all are doing well! I laughed so hard at the picture of your sweet baby all bundled up to sleep on the couch :) Too funny. I'm such a wimp. When the weather got colder than 40 degrees we headed inside. I'll get out there again soon, but right now I'm mourning the start of winter (although my house is very clean now, lol).

The pic you linked to was very sweet :) Thanks for thinking of me!