Thursday, May 15, 2008

All about Asya

There's more to Asya than this, of course, but I thought I'd make a post all about her. (And you'd better be grateful for the photos, because they're very hard to upload right now!)

Asya's passed some milestones lately. She continues to amuse us with her commando crawl, and that's getting faster every day. Her new steps are food and pulling up. She adores her buddy, Damara. Tonight I was holding Asya, almost asleep, when someone walked into the room with Damara. Asya's legs started kicking, and she was instantly wide awake and ready to play. Damara eats incredible amounts of bananas and other solid foods, so she's inspired Asya. Asya has tried bubliki (yes!), cheerios (okay-ish), and bananas (yuck!). Her face when she gets a bite of banana is hilarious. She insists that bananas are close relatives of lemons.

The banana face

Damara and Asya

By the way, the inspiration goes both ways; Damara started crawling, after watching Asya for a while.

This is Asya's other recent accomplishment:

We were eating dinner, and Asya was on the floor. Then, all of a sudden she pulled up on an empty chair! Yes, by the time Will got a photo, I was holding on to her, but she did it by herself. She was so proud, and we were so surprised! Now she's pulling up all over. The older children are not too happy that they can't play on the couch without interference anymore.

(To change the subject. . . we haven't heard anything about the apartment. Will waited all day for the landlady to call, like she was supposed to. I guess he'll try calling her soon. We're perfectly happy here with the Sobies, and I'm sure we'll get moved soon enough. UPDATE: she just called. The neighbors are changing their plumbing, too, so it's taking a little more time. Since the apartment is on the third--middle--floor, that's best. They've been working for two days, and they're almost done now. We'll probably be able to meet with the landlady on Saturday.)


Anonymous said...

Precious!! I LOVE the banana face! And, the inspiration going both ways is great! Sounds like things are working out with the apt. We will keep praying that you will be able to get in your own place soon!! Lots of love, Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

And yes, we are extremely grateful for the photos....much love to each one.

Cindi said...

We are grateful for the pictures, she's so adorable. We are praying for your move into the apartment.

Lindy Johnson said...

Thank you for the update and photos. Asya seems very happy to have someone her size. New plumbing sounds like a good thing hopefully the wait won't be too long. The photos are great and much appreciated.
Love, Aunt Lindy

Mrs said...

Thanks for the photos! While I'm not in the Ukraine, I understand a slow loading! I fold laundry, cook dinner, and pay bills while I'm waiting.

Thank you for the update!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! You have an athlete on your hands, me thinks. What fun to have built in friends while you wait for your new home. Praying for you!