Thursday, May 08, 2008

Update from Ukraine

I think we're online now.

It is so wonderful to be here! The weather is just about what we left behind in North Carolina, and everything is so beautiful. Our children are really enjoying their new friends and this busy household. Between our family and the Sobies, I think we have ages 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and two 7-month-olds. Funny thing: after almost three months of refusing to speak English in America, Raia is conversing in English with everyone here.

Sunday we went to church in Dneprorudnoe, which is where we'll be living. (Right now we're in Balki which is close by. For some reason Dneprorudnoe isn't on the map. I've been reading about the city. There are about 20,000 inhabitants. It's a new city; started in 1959 to house the miners. That's a change, after living in the Golden Ring area! The mine is the main industry here.) Everyone at church was very excited to meet us. Hopefully, we'll be able to help there.

On Monday Will started out with a truck driver to get our things from Kovrov, but only got as far as the Russian border. They wouldn't let him in, even with a valid visa. Apparently something came up in the computer when they typed his name in. So, he got back here on Tuesday morning. Either friends will bring everything to us, or, more likely, Will and this truck driver will get documents that will let the driver bring it all by himself.

Apartment. . . when I started writing, I would have said that we were still looking. Will just called and said that he found something, though! It's bigger than anything we've ever had before: three rooms (by Russian standards; in English you would say two bedrooms and a living room.) TWO bedrooms! Will didn't give many details, but he did say that the landlady sounded willing to clear some stuff out. Please pray that she really will. In the past I've struggled with cluttered apartments, where we have to fit our own belongings in around everything the landlord's former wife or landlady's dead parents ever used. We'll be meeting with her to work on that Saturday.

Thanks for your patience with us while we're getting settled here! I've gotten lots of questions, and haven't had time to answer any of them. Hopefully this will help. Believe it or not, I've been working on this post for three days now.


Anonymous said...

Glad things seem to be going OK. About the landlord's "stuff": do they not have a Ukranian version of Goodwill around there? I hate to sound silly. Are things just different with them?

I'll be praying that Will can get your things without hassle next time.

Laura T. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear mostly good news, and praying things will work out with retrieving your things!

missing you greatly,


Anonymous said...

Yes! So good to hear from you! I am sorry to hear that Will got turned away, but you all were concerned about documents to cross the border, as I recall. We will continue to pray that retrieving your belongings can be worked out with a driver or friends. Praising the Lord regarding the find of a big apartment!! Love to you all! Baba Julie

Sarah said...

Welcome to Ukraine, Hunsucker Family! =) We continue to pray for you as you settle.

Just tonight we were telling our funny border crossing stories as a family. Ours was always from Ukraine into Poland. That was hard enough! I can just imagine the difficulty of going from Ukraine into Russia with what you have all been through!

Debbie said...

It is good to see you back online and get an update. I pray you will be able to get settled into sometime of routine soon.

Anonymous said...

funny, yesterday morning I checked your site in the teacher workroom at school. It was very crowded. Right as I was in the middle of reading your update, the music came blasting on and the workroom was filled with the sound of Russian music. I have no idea how to work the volume on that computer and it was quite amusing to see all heads turn my way. =-) Anna

Alissa Maxwell said...

Hooray Hunsuckers! I'm amazed that you have had time even to post this much. I'm sure the new church community is thrilled to have you and you will start building connections before you know it. Hoping smooth(er) logistics in retrieving the rest of your belongings.

Agape said...

Lovely to hear from you! Sorry to hear about the boarder problems. Praying the apt. works out and how nice to be with friends!