Monday, June 02, 2008


The long post that I had written at home won't open here. I'll see about posting the photos I brought. . . .

Hurrah! They went! Here you have Asya showing off the new linoleum in the first photo. Jaan and Raia's Sunday school is the second one.

I think I also added our mailing address off to the side here. -->


Lindy Johnson said...

Asya seems happy with the new flooring! She is so big -- it's amazing how fast the children are growing. Thank you for the update, the Internet issues must be frustrating. Love, Aunt Lindy

Mrs said...

Love new linoleum! Makes it easier to know your wee bairn isn't crawling on someone else's yuck. :-)

Does this mean you now have internet?

The Sunday School photo is so picturesque!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place for a Sunday school lesson. Is that Jaan on the far left?
Love to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi! So glad to hear from you all! Yes, I agree! The internet problems must be very frustrating! Neither address came through. Tell Raia Baba Julie has something for her when she can get it mailed! (Late birthday presents are always nice, too!!(:) Love to all! Baba Julie

Agape said...

Christ is Risen! Christos Voskreese! Tomorrow is the Feast Day of Ascension so today is the last day to wish you Christ is Risen! I posted a lovely Serbian video on my blog that I know you will LOVE!

Cute little baby and cute little building! Both are so sweet!