Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to normal life

The holidays are over, the guests have left. Now we're headed back into normal life. I'm especially excited to get back to a certain part of every-day life: recording God's gifts! The season we just finished was wonderful; I was thankful every day for the fun and sparkle. Now I'm glad to get back into regular days where we can just savor the ordinary, too. I only have time to mention a few of the many today:

480. This habit of thanksgiving!
481. The excitement of starting school again after a break
482. Jaan and Raia both sitting on the couch, making crochet chains and counting aloud as they go
483. Sleep
484. When the sun comes out!
485. Crocheting
486. Soft yarn
487. A husband who brings me pretty yarn from Zaporozhya
488. Asya being my big helper in the kitchen and everywhere

More next week, and as I have time....

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Anonymous said...

phyllis.....I just love your idea of recording God's gifts every day. I am going to go to my journal and start my list for 2010! You're an inspiration :-)