Monday, April 19, 2010


holy experience

It's Monday! I haven't listed for a while. A few days ago I even found myself complaining about Spring. Can you imagine? (You're probably wondering what there is to complain about in SPRING. Sadly, I did find something.) Now I'm just thankful, though!

Thankful for
456. Baths
457. Red squirrels (One outside our window this morning!)
458. Pheasants in the "electric station" (What is that place called?!?)
459. Blooming trees
460. Asya saying, "Look! I see Spring!" every time she notices a flower (She did the same think with leaves in Autumn.)
461. Our incredible daffodils
462. Violets!
463. The smell of violets!
464. Sunshine
465. The first few tulips
466. Forsythia bushes, especially the huge ones in the park

And now I can go to bed happy.

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amy in peru said...

I'm so TOTALLY excited to have found your blog! LOVE it. It's beautiful! I do the list of thanks too :) I'm excited to read more sometime...

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