Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter days, Easter life

I loved what Ann wrote last week! I love how churches here keep on celebrating Easter; we have many times of repeating "Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed!" to look forward to. We also keep the celebration going in our home.

In the past, we've had forty little candles to light one each each night, as we sing and repeat the Easter greeting. We play a little game of "looking for Jesus." Our Easter garden stays out as a centerpiece. This year, it's been different. I haven't been so organized with the candles; some evenings we light one, some evenings we don't. We are playing our game, and our Easter grass is growing beautifully. Best of all is the idea of living it, though. That's what I want to see! It doesn't matter how the fun little remembrances happen or don't. What matters is the Easter lifestyle!

holy experience


Jessica said...

Living true.
The easter grass is beautiful.

amy in peru said...

I LOVED that post of Ann's as well. and your family's celebration sounds wonderful! I would LOVE to remember our Savior every day. every moment. to remember.

It is fun to see your blog... I often see your posts on the AO list.

amy in peru

Unknown said...

Living easter. Wow. I love the idea of these traditions, and the forgetfulness of me is starting to think maybe I should start practicing them...