Monday, August 02, 2010

Kiev, camp, etc

It really has been too hot to sit at the computer (and to think!). I'll just continue with that excuse as to why I haven't been writing. I remember being hot the past few summers, but was it really like this? Our highs all week are supposed to be higher than where my parents live in Florida!

I did get to go to Kiev, as you saw from the photo I had posted. It was wonderful to see Timothy and Matt S., meet their team, and have some time away. I'm posting the rest of my few photos here....

Next week will be the day camp here! There's a team coming in, and we're all working hard to get ready. We're home from our dacha all this week so that we can print and hang posters, prepare lessons, and work on all kinds of details.

We've been spending a lot of time down at the water. I'm so thankful for the little beach here and that we're so close to it now. Last night I just sat in the water and watched our children play. So nice!


Rebecca said...

When it would get really hot in Wisconsin, my Amish neighbor and I would go down to the river (slow moving). She would bring her old lawn chairs for us to sit in - in the water, while the kiddos floated around us. :-D We didn't have AC either.

Baba Julie said...

We're praying for the upcoming camp and all the preparations! We're also praying for a break in the heat for all of you! It's so wonderful that you are able to spend time at the "sea"!! Love y'all!