Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy birthday!

This little city where we live is celebrating its 50th birthday! After living in central Russia, where everything has such a long history, that seems pretty young, but it's a special birthday anyway. In honor of this holiday, I thought I'd point out a fun article: The Seven Wonders of Dneprorudny. They are
  1. iron mine (of course)
  2. "sea"
  3. park
  4. "The Centipede"
  5. mining monument
  6. museum
  7. traumatology-orthopedic center
I agree with all of them, except that I didn't even know about the museum here. (How could I have missed that?) Some of them are very close to us. The sea is my favorite part of Dneprorudny, and the park is just wonderful, too, even if it is completely overgrown and neglected. The huge apartment building up on stilts--"The Centipede"--is directly in front of ours. It's what our windows look out on. The mining monument was right by our old apartment, and we still see it every day. If you come visit, I could show you almost all the seven wonders in one day! Well, I can't get to the mine, and we'd skip the hospital unless you were really interested (I do have lots of connections there!), but I'd take you to the others.

And a completely unrelated photo....

They're back from camp!

(By the way, there was an even more important birthday recently, but we haven't celebrated it yet.)


Chris and Carole said...

I'd love to come visit! Sounds like a quaint little town. :-)

Baba Julie said...

It is a wonderful town! I liked the "sea" and the dacha best - besides our family, of course! They are the MAIN attraction for us/1

Happy birthday to Will, again! Hope we get to see pictures from his THIRTY-FIFTH birthday celebration! Love y'all!

Cecil said...

Like the picture! Will and the kids seem to be very contented after a week of camp. Yes, I'm very interested in the city around you. Can you do a phonetical pronunciation for me sometime of the city's name? Thanks for your terrific posts!