Friday, July 29, 2011

TV? (Updated)

Another update: More video!

Okay, this is really weird; I'm writing about TV. In April there was a documentary about "The Boy From Baby House No. 10." I couldn't find it online then, but last night I did. It was very close to home for us, because our dear friends adopted Vanya/John's best friend. I should go find some photos from the last time they visited us.... You can see them in the documentary a few times, if you watch carefully. (Would Andrei be embarrassed if I say that he was really cute back then? ) We even went to that baby house with them once or twice. What brought this back to mind now was that they'll all be on the Today Show today! We're planning to watch that online. Maybe I can come back and add a direct link later. Here's where we watched the earlier show:
(I list them all out like that, because they're kind of hard to find in order over there.)

Pray for the orphans! God gave John and Andrei families, but there are so, so many left behind.

The New York Yankees had a nice slideshow and article. I don't know how much the Today Show played on TV; there wasn't much online. One clip had a glimpse of Andrei yesterday, and then there was this:

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Ah, apparently something did change. This article said to watch for an eight-minute segment, and this says that it wasn't shown on TV.


Baba Julie said...

Is this the Sullivans you are talking about? Are they going to be on the Today show? How did come about? How interesting!! We will pray that will raise more awareness and interest in the orphans. Hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

Oh Phyllis, I just watched all those clips about "Baby House 10", and I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing that story with us. It's so sad to hear/see how so many orphans are treated. But how wonderful this story turned out to be, for Vanya and Andrei.
Christy S.