Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving faces

I had a few more Thanksgiving photos:

Just lovely, eh?

The big ones are people-eating giants


Trying mashed potatoes
He really, really enjoyed that little taste. Right at eight months (when we were in Kiev) his first two teeth came in. Also about that time, he started saying his first word: "nyam" (yum). He uses it often, with all different intonations and volumes. A quiet, happy, little "nyam-nyam-nyam" as he gnaws on an apple, "NYAM" at full volume with an angry red face when he sees someone else eating, conversational "nyam" when he takes a break in nursing. I think he's going to like real food!


Baba Julie said...

Very cute! I especially like "Nyam"!! Boy after my own heart! Looks like everyone heartily enjoyed Thanksgiving! How did the youth like the meal? Love y'all!

Mom said...

What beautiful children!