Saturday, February 25, 2012

Recent excitement

It's been nice and quiet around here. We've been getting ready for our trip to Poland, working on school, and Will has been translating letters.

Also, the main water pipe for the city broke. (Here's a news video about that.) It only took a few days for them to get it fixed, but those few days were exciting. A water truck came around to the buildings, and everyone lined up for water. The spigot on the truck was frozen at first, so they actually lit a fire to get it going! Our children thought it was great.

The line at the water truck

Watching siblings go for water

Water's back on

And then, in other news:

Bogdan got a...

Bogdan got a new high chair.

Best friends

This next picture really doesn't show how funny Bogdan looks. Every time he smiles, I think he's holding his jaw off to the side, because his teeth don't line up at all. The funny look probably won't last for long, though, because yesterday and today he seems pretty miserable, which probably means new teeth are coming. I can't see anything yet, though.

Funny teeth

Somehow I don't have any new photos of Raia and Asya. I'll have to get some and do a whole blog post devoted to my sweet girls soon.


Nathan said...

I love the frozen spigot and the fire idea! A couple years ago, at my parents' house, we had a spigot freeze, and I did the same thing. I built a fire around it, and it thawed out in no time!

Martha A. said...

Wow!! No water for awhile, that had to be hard! In the picture of the water in the bathtub, is your water always that color, or were they just that dirty???

Phyllis said...

I should just let you think that they were that dirty. :-) No, every time the water goes off for more than a day, it comes back on like that--or darker!--for a while.

Mom said...

Thankful to see the high to each precious one there.

~Karen_ said...

Great memories of going for water at the water truck. It made me feel like I'm a real Ukrainian! :)

BTW we just receive word that our invitation letter is ready!

Baba Julie said...

I LOVE the smile! I think Bogdan looks like a Jack-o-lantern! So cute! And, Zhenya in the high chair! The better to get to the food! Love you all and praying for a WONDERFUL trip!