Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home again

We made it back to Ukraine. Thank you for all your prayers. To those who we got to spend time with: thank you for all you did for us. It was so wonderful to see you all!

The trip back was really exhausting. We all went to bed early last night, and now--after 11:00 am!--I'm the only one awake. Bogdan got me up earlier, but now he's asleep again. I figure sleeping in is the best birthday present we can give Will.

I hope to be able to post lots of photos from our time in the States soon.

Oh, by the way, one of our checked bags didn't make it here. This is actually a wonderful blessing, because it's already been found in Viena and will be delivered to us soon. Without this, we wouldn't all have been able to fit into the car that met us in Dneptropetrovsk. So, that's an answer to prayer for any of you who were praying for smooth travels for us.


Mom said...

I had been planning to send Will a HB e-mail, but since you mention it here, I will be more public in my greeting: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILL! We continue to be so very thankful for you.

With love,
Phil and Kathy

Baba Julie said...

What a blessing that your bag did not make it, has been found and will be delivered! And... that you could all fit into the taxi! We are so happy that you are safely home and, hopefully, beginning to recover from your time in the States. I know everyone you were able to visit was glad to be able to spend time with you all! We sure were!! Love you all!!