Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Camp update and childlike faith

Thank you for praying! Please keep it up. Camp is going well. So far, both days we have had a small group of kids, but that is fine, because we have a small group of workers, too.

Who is praying for the weather? Yesterday was HOT, but today I could feel your prayers as everything cooled off. A storm blew in, but held off for most of the day.

And for Bogdan and Will? Bogdan seemed to feel better yesterday, but then he was miserable again today. Will has finally found a medicine that helps with his allergies at least some.

Of course, the most important: please be praying for all the children!

This morning I led a group of children through the city to camp, with all of them chanting loudly in "Polish." (Karen, is it really Polish?) They love this game that one of the visiting helpers taught them yesterday:

And then, childlike faith: today's Bible story was about Adam and Eve sinning and temptations in life. When we got to church, a Forbidden Tree had grown up there. It was covered with all kinds of treats, but a sign at the bottom said not to take anything. Of course, Asya can't read, so I pointed it out to her, and asked her what she thought it was. "Presents!" But then I read the sign out loud. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh, that means they just want to give us everything themselves later." The whole idea of temptation went right over her head, but I thought it was a really sweet reaction. When God tells me no, do I assume that it's because He wants to give me presents a little later?


Karen G. said...

Sounds Polish to me...just naming the parts of the body they are pointing to (shoulders) or using (fingers).

Baba Julie said...

It's "Head and shoulders, knees and toes" - just done a little differently and in POLISH!!! Love it!! Isn't it neat how, although we have many differences, we also have many similarities, regardless of where we live? Praying for much fruit for your labors! Much love to each of you!